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Why Adding Cloud Services is a Smart Move for SMBs


Saving money is on the agenda of every SMB, and for some, it's on the top of the list. Perhaps this need to reduce operating costs is why SMBs are a driving force behind the push to implement cloud-based solutions.

Invest to Save

It may sound counterintuitive, but the path to savings for SMBs is to begin investing resources into new technology solutions. As a way to address pressing issues like network security, budget limitations, and staffing concerns, storing data in the cloud is a game changer. Here's what SMBs are facing and how cloud services can provide affordable, proactive solutions for each of them.

Network Security: The Threats are Real

network security

The Small Business Administration regularly warns SMBs about network security, sounding the alarm that attacks on small enterprises are growing in number.

The unfortunate truth is that many small companies won't survive a network security breach. If you'd rather be counted among those businesses who avoid a network security breach in the first place, our tips can help you get started.

Begin Small But Begin Soon

Even a small change can be a start to protecting your network. Here are five you can take now.

  1. A robust firewall is a good beginning, and a step you should take today to protect your network from viruses, malware, and ransomware attacks.

Meet Threats Head-on with a Network Security Provider

network security

Are you still wondering how to ward off the constant network security threats facing your organization? Serious breaches on the rise and with no end in sight, your company needs robust solutions to address your network vulnerabilities. Here's why you should consider a network security partnership to shore up your defenses now.

Free Up Your Internal Staff

A network security provider can take over the time-consuming but essential chores required to monitor and secure your network. Your IT team more time to focus on core projects with the added benefit of shared expertise and the latest knowledge.

24/7 Network Security for Your Small Business

network security

If the last few years have taught us anything, it's that every business must take network security seriously. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable, as hackers now consider them easy targets who may lack sophisticated network security solutions required to protect their confidential information.

Here's why network security is so vitally important to your company's future, and how you can have the assurance you need to protect your investment.

Find Out Where You Stand

Why wait for an intruder to discover your network security vulnerabilities? An assessment of your current situation from a network security provider will reveal weaknesses and provide a path forward to shore up your defenses.

Deploy the Latest Protections

A customized network security strategy will follow your initial assessment period. The advantages are substantial:

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