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Is Your Data Security and Backup Plan Up to Date?

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Does your company have a data security and backup solution in place? With cyberattacks coming faster than the media can report them, it's critical to move now to protect your confidential information and your business. Make an appointment to consult with your IT provider for a data security and backup plan that's customized for your company. In the meantime, here are some simple steps you can take to mitigate your risks.


Updates seem to come one after the other, but they're not just to annoy you or give you access to the latest features. With hackers continually developing new ways to bypass security safeguards, updates are often designed to thwart the latest threats. Ignoring them puts your entire company at risk.

Does Your Data Security and Backup Plan Include Your Printers?

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With cybercrime on the rise, no organization can afford to overlook the importance of including print environments in their data security plan. Even so, recent studies indicate that more than half of businesses have experienced a printer-related security breach.

Here are a few of the security issues your company may be facing, and what you can do to address them.

1. Unsecured printers.

The printer industry knows that hackers are after your data, and they've addressed the issue by including security features on their latest models. If your equipment isn't equipped to thwart ongoing security threats, it's time to contact your technology provider for assistance.

Do You Have Full Confidence in Your Data Security and Backup Solutions?

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Are you confident your data security and backup plan provides enough protection? Hackers and cybercriminals never rest, which means you can't either. Here are some tips to help you begin shoring up your security defenses across your organization.

Never assume you're safe.

Your business may be small, but that in itself is a compelling reason to seek out robust protections. Hackers often look at SMBs as low-hanging fruit without the latest data security solutions in place. Always assume that vulnerabilities exist (or will soon), and use every resource available to you to protect your confidential information.

Provide ongoing training and support.

Your employees may not know how to recognize a security threat, so you'll need to make regular training and continual reminders one of your highest priorities. Show your employees how to

Is Your Data Security and Backup Plan Enough?

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Today's businesses are faced with security challenges that were incomprehensible even just a few years ago. Fortunately, your company can take steps to identify and prepare for these new threats, starting today.

Maintain Visibility

A proactive approach to data security includes robust monitoring tools that increase visibility into your document processes.

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