Rules-Based Printing

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The More You Know

Do you know how much your business is spending on printing each year? What about each month? Every day? With rules-based printing, El Dorado Printing can help you establish a system to give yourself maximum information and maximum control over the printing resources being used at your office. The more you know means you can make the best changes and decisions for your business.

Establishing Guidelines

Different businesses have different printing needs. That’s why El Dorado Printing first will look at who in your business needs to print, how much they need to print, and if there are ways to improve the workflow. From there, we can help you establish a rules-based printing system that reduces wasteful usage of printing resources and tracks who is printing and how much.

Security at Every Step

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: your security is important to us. When we help establish a system of rules-based printing, we offer expertise to ensure all of your systems are safe. We can help setup password protection to limit who can use the machines. We also know that every time a document is printed or copied, a copy of that document is saved on the machine. Knowing that, we like to make sure your sensitive information stays private, while also allowing you the flexibility to share the documents you do want to share.

More Software Solutions

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El Dorado Printing can help any business with all of their office technology, design, software and printing needs. From keeping your data safe, to saving money and increasing workflow efficiency, El Dorado is a one stop shop for business productivity solutions.

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