Multifunction Copiers

Multifunction Copiers

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Advances in office technology have changed the way that people work in recent decades. One of our favorite advances is the creation of the multifunction copier, which combines functionality from multiple machines into one hyper-useful device. Instead of coordinating four or five pieces of equipment, investing in a multifunction copier can save space and increase efficiency.

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All the Bells and Whistles

So what functionality are we talking? Well, to start, multifunction copiers can:

  • Scan documents to digitize them
  • Duplicate documents
  • Print quickly and accurately
  • Email directly from the copier
  • Connect to your server for better organization
  • Create projects- including booklets and brochures

Performance and Accuracy Collide

While these machines can offer a lot of functionality, they don’t skimp on accuracy for any of these tasks. Your prints will be vibrant, your copies clear, and your scans easy to share. When you invest in one of these machines, you reduce waste by ensuring the job gets taken care of the first time correctly!

Environmentally Conscious

Many of our multifunction copiers were designed with the environment in mind. They come with ink or paper saving settings that can be adjusted depending on the project. Additionally, investing in one machine to do the function of many smaller devices saves on power. Multifunction copiers also have power saving settings that allow them to snooze after a period of not being used.

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