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While El Dorado Printing does have a lot of experience in business technology, our expertise doesn’t stop there. We have a wide range of skills and knowledge to help with any type of tech-related needs. All of our desktops are hand built at our store, meaning that you can customize your machine to whatever your needs dictate. We will help create the perfect machine to accomplish whatever you need it to.

The Variety You Dream About

Computers can seem at first glance like all work and no play. But when the team at El Dorado Printing looks at a computer, we see something else: endless potential. Our IT consulting services can help you design the computer of your dreams that can be optimized to any of the following types of tasks:

  • Business
  • Personal
  • Gaming
  • Video Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Netbook and Notebook PC functions

Beauty and Brains

Some jobs require more than just the ability to crunch spreadsheets. For a creative mind with scientific needs or any combination thereof, El Dorado Printing can help construct a computer with the right hardware and software to tackle any project.

The Server to Do Any Job

With our advanced security, storage, accessibility, and organization features, El Dorado Printing can help you create the ultimate server environment to store your projects in a way that makes sense for you. From the creative to the business-minded, we help take the mystery out of setting up and running the best server for you.

Additional IT Consulting Options

Explore the many IT options to keep your data safe and your business working efficiently.

Network Security

Data Security & Recovery


Email & Cloud Services

Network Deployment

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El Dorado Printing can help any business with all of their office technology, design, software and printing needs. From keeping your data safe, to saving money and increasing workflow efficiency, El Dorado is a one stop shop for business productivity solutions.

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