Community Involvement

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Part of the Community

As we have been serving Southern Arkansas and Northern Louisiana for 80 years, we have also worked hard to become an integral part of the community. We understand the value of reinvesting in the area we work, live, and play. That’s why the leaders of our organization have taken the time to invest their energy in community centers around the area.

Family Care

At El Dorado Printing, we believe in investing in charity work. Our leader has served as chairman of a board of a nonprofit that focuses on family support. They support women and their significant others in Southern Arkansas free of charge. That’s the kind of caring we provide to the state and the community.

Supporting the Children

We have also supported the nonprofit Hope Landing, which helps families with children who have disabilities. This organization strives to help disabled children reach their full potential. We find it rewarding to be able to support families in need and champion those who need a helping hand.

Providing Jobs

We also maintain a place in the community as a good place to work. By providing good jobs to our employees, we know that we are making a difference in the lives of those who work here and their families. It’s a point of pride for us to be a good place to work and a place that has a positive influence on the Southern Arkansas region.

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