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Why Move to the Cloud

At El Dorado Printing, we understand that change can be challenging. Which is why we are here offering our expertise and advice to make any transition as smooth as possible. When it comes to moving to the Cloud, we know there may be some questions, which we are here to answer.

Benefits as Far as the Eye Can See

There are many benefits to moving toward a cloud-based service. Some of the most exciting are:

  • Increased security
  • Enhanced mobility
  • Amazing collaboration abilities

Increased security means you’ll be able to safely organize and share your documents while knowing exactly who has access to what. Passwords and tracking allow you to have complete control over your documents at every step of the way.

Enhanced mobility means you’ll be able to work from anywhere. Take your business on the road, work from home, or communicate easily with satellite offices with the ability to access your documents online from anywhere. This kind of flexibility could make you unstoppable!

Amazing collaboration abilities means you can share your documents with anyone you choose and know that they are seeing the most updated version that exists. Instead of worrying about if someone at the office has sent you the most recently edited version of a document, rest easy knowing that everything is updated and saved in the same location.

More Software Solutions

Explore additional options for software solutions to manage your documents and workflow like a pro:

Document Management

Rules-Based Printing

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