3 Ways to Understand the Cloud

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Everyone is talking about mobile solutions and cloud backup. While there might be people reading this, thinking about it, or even using the cloud that are wondering - what exactly is "The Cloud?"

It's not an embarrassing question - the cloud is one of those entities that people often discuss without fully understanding. That's why it's good to back up a bit and review. How does it work?

What is the Cloud?

Definitions can undoubtedly vary, but essentially, the cloud is a system or global network of servers which all have various functions. There is no physical location or 'cloud,' which can be confusing!

This network is vast and can operate as a single "ecosystem" to either store or manage data, deliver content or services, and operate applications, and more.

Fix Print Security and Cost Control For Good


Everyone has confidential print issues and needs to focus on security and protected printing. Every business, and maybe even everyone in your office. How do we ensure print security without burdening employees with hoops to jump through?

Printing should be something that people trust in the confidentiality of. Think about all the industries that require identity and information protection: banking, healthcare, law, accounting, business, construction, development, government, and more. This means that creating a print environment you and your clients' trust is critical.

Print Security Issues

Issues with printing start when people print to public space without any password protection or other confidential procedure.

Other problems exist in the information retained by the printer's hard drive, which needs to be purged regularly - hopefully to a safe cloud backup.

Understanding Network Security

network security

Data and network security are standard terms today, and we hear about them all the time. Unfortunately, we often hear about these issues in regards to a breach or a hack, which is exactly what you want to protect yourself against.

How to Get Ahead of Data Breaches

Data breaches can be devastating, both operationally and fiscally for your business. Some businesses never recover from a data breach because it impacts employees, customers, and the company's reputation and finances. 

Hacks and breaches can be devastating, so taking precautions and investing in security are critical ways to get ahead of any issues.

Tips to protect your company from the worst online incidents:

Best Benefits of Mobile Printing

mobile printing solutions

Tech advancements offer companies more opportunities to improve business operations that we could have imagined 30 years ago. One of the most notable improvements is going mobile – in communications, operations, business, and even print and other formerly location-specific efforts. 

We’ll talk about the mobile revolution for a moment. Usually, we think of our phones and what we can do with apps, sharing, etc. However, there are more possibilities from your mobile device to support your workplace, like mobile printing. 

Getting Ahead with Mobile

Mobile printing is a lead way to invest in solutions, connect to the future, and engage employees in the workplace because you’re working the way that they work. 

How Important is Data Security and Backup to Business?

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Your data is the single most important business asset you have. Hopefully, you’ve considered that fact as you develop a security plan, because data backup is critical to running a successful business, and keeping it running.

However, there are many ransomware attacks, data breaches, and hacks that can be so destructive to business, it can sometimes take a company down entirely. Think about it for a moment – your data is your business. Your ideas, development, strategies, and business structure is computer based. This means it’s easy to collaborate and communicate, but it also means this data is at risk.

3 Quick Ways to Increase Print Access

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Knowing how your office operates – really, on the ground – is the first step to ensuring that you’re taking all the measures to improve productivity possible. Accessibility is a big part of this, so you’ll want to take a look around to ensure that all employees can do their jobs to the best of their ability. It may sound strange, but you’d be surprised by how many businesses actually make it more difficult for employees to do their jobs well. Confirming that the right tools are available in the right locations for your office is a critical step in bumping up operational efficiency.

Print Access Equals Productivity

Productivity is a result of work ethic, yes, but when companies make it easier to be more productive – when it’s truly an ingrained aspect of company culture – then employees are more likely to respond accordingly. It’s like putting a social expectation that everyone works to their highest capacity. Ensuring access creates this expectation.

5 Ways to Improve Network Security

network security

The security of your network, equipment, and data is an ongoing concern, but is also one of the top priorities of any business. You have to continually invest in risk management and security in order to stay ahead of threats, but it's definitely worth it, since cyber attacks are the biggest threat to businesses.

Network Security Insight

Your network security depends on how serious your company is about staying ahead of problems. Some great ways to do that include investing in a managed IT team, and outsourcing network security.

Protect Your Network, Employees, and Customers

Mitigate risks for everyone your business impacts by following the five recommendations for network security.

1. Follow password guidelines

Sort Out Your Print Strategy

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Print can be a chaotic environment, even if the rest of your office runs pretty smoothly. You don't want to make sweeping changes, like limiting all print, but seriously - you need to make some shifts so that printing isn't so disruptive.

We recommend backing up another step and asking if your machine is updated and if it is the best machine, with the appropriate features, for your industry and office. Often, businesses will outgrow a printer or copier and try to keep using it just because it's considered a big ticket item - and even if it's not serving you well anymore.

It may be time to consider an upgrade that fits your organization currently. At El Dorado Printing, we have a team of experts that will ask a couple questions to evaluate where you're at, and what might make work flow better. Also, read on for some important considerations.

The Real Answers for Cyber Security Threats


Cyber security threats are everywhere - from a small start up to a large corporation, your networks are withstanding attempted attacks almost every day.

Security just doesn't look like it used to, because cyber security threats have brought about a new risk to data and business information. Losing data to a hack can impact your operations, business, financials, and reputation, so it's not something to take lightly, it's something to learn about.

How Threats Have Changed

Previously, security threats used to mean robbery or physical theft. Now, the most concerning threat to business managers is phishing, and there is a wide variety of new threats like social media hacks, cryptomining, and other sophisticated problems that you wouldn't have thought of before.

Protection has become essential, and being proactive, aware, and monitoring security are all critical to keeping your business running smoothly.

4 Ways Print Management Keeps You Ahead of Technology

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Information technology is still advancing as fast as ever. It doesn't take long until you hear about something that's totally new, and you thought you were pretty on top of it. It's okay, but businesses need to keep working at staying up with the changes in order to keep recruiting clients and top-notch employees.

If your business doesn't seem to get that moving with new tech is the only way to go, there are some easy to implement, cost saving solutions that might be convincing. For example, print management is a great way to integrate more advanced technology practices in your office without doing a total overhaul quite yet.

Print Management in the Modern Office

What is print management? It's a service that oversees supply ordering, repair requests, budget oversight, and other print tasks.


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