Sort Out Your Print Strategy

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Print can be a chaotic environment, even if the rest of your office runs pretty smoothly. You don't want to make sweeping changes, like limiting all print, but seriously - you need to make some shifts so that printing isn't so disruptive.

We recommend backing up another step and asking if your machine is updated and if it is the best machine, with the appropriate features, for your industry and office. Often, businesses will outgrow a printer or copier and try to keep using it just because it's considered a big ticket item - and even if it's not serving you well anymore.

It may be time to consider an upgrade that fits your organization currently. At El Dorado Printing, we have a team of experts that will ask a couple questions to evaluate where you're at, and what might make work flow better. Also, read on for some important considerations.

The Real Answers for Cyber Security Threats


Cyber security threats are everywhere - from a small start up to a large corporation, your networks are withstanding attempted attacks almost every day.

Security just doesn't look like it used to, because cyber security threats have brought about a new risk to data and business information. Losing data to a hack can impact your operations, business, financials, and reputation, so it's not something to take lightly, it's something to learn about.

How Threats Have Changed

Previously, security threats used to mean robbery or physical theft. Now, the most concerning threat to business managers is phishing, and there is a wide variety of new threats like social media hacks, cryptomining, and other sophisticated problems that you wouldn't have thought of before.

Protection has become essential, and being proactive, aware, and monitoring security are all critical to keeping your business running smoothly.

4 Ways Print Management Keeps You Ahead of Technology

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Information technology is still advancing as fast as ever. It doesn't take long until you hear about something that's totally new, and you thought you were pretty on top of it. It's okay, but businesses need to keep working at staying up with the changes in order to keep recruiting clients and top-notch employees.

If your business doesn't seem to get that moving with new tech is the only way to go, there are some easy to implement, cost saving solutions that might be convincing. For example, print management is a great way to integrate more advanced technology practices in your office without doing a total overhaul quite yet.

Print Management in the Modern Office

What is print management? It's a service that oversees supply ordering, repair requests, budget oversight, and other print tasks.

What to Know Before Outsourcing Network Security and Managed IT

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When you're focused on everyday operations, sometimes you can overlook high level things - security is one of these, and it's a big deal.

Often, organizational leaders can get caught up in the tasks of business operations or IT without lining out all the aspects of coverage, like security.

A new and super functional way to address overlooking security is to work with a managed IT team. However, sometimes getting into the right kind of agreement for your organization can take some negotiating and research.

Also, your organization will need to evaluate openness to change, altering IT processes and controls, and how outsourcing can benefit you. Basically, the pros and cons of outsourcing your IT and business security is at the heart of finding the right match for your company.

Are Your Copiers and Printers Fully Functional?

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This might seem like a weird question to ask yourself about business operations, but if you haven't considered it lately, that means it's probably time.

How functional are your copiers and printers? Do they work consistently, complete the functions you need, and incorporate advanced features that make your work easier?

If not, it may be time to either check in with your vendor partner to ensure you are using the copier and printer to its full capability, or it may just be time to upgrade. This depends on when you bought the machine, how old it is, and what type of machine it is (what features are available).

Your In-Depth Cybersecurity Guide


Take a look at your office security. Physical security is probably covered - you have locks, alarms, cameras, and other surveillance. Network security is probably covered - firewalls, encryption, and passwords. What about data security? Considering backup solutions for a potential data loss is a critical security step that you don't want to overlook.

How Cybersecurity Can Impact Anyone

Absolutely any business can be impacted by cybersecurity scares, including small businesses, start ups, large corporations, and any industry. Risk protection and mitigation is possible, through data security and backup solutions. It's not something to ignore by thinking that it won't happen to you. This is a topic that you want to address now.

Business and Personal Guidelines

Here's your guide to business and personal cybersecurity:

3 Ways Print Management Optimizes Business

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Print management is the answer you need for making your business run smoothly. If you're often wondering why you feel bogged down by the little things, or why you can't just take care of an annoying task once and for all, print management is your first solution.

Print management means outsourcing the tedious part of having high quality printers in your office - letting a professional team do your supply ordering, maintenance management, and print troubleshooting. Even better, with a print audit to start out (evaluating all print costs), you'll have a streamlined budget process as well.

3 Times Managed Network Services Could Have Saved Businesses

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Network security is a bigger issue every day; it seems. There's always some hack or data breach reminding us that keeping business information and networks protected should be a top priority.

In fact, maintaining a robust network security program can save your business from hassles, risks, major expenses, and maybe even going under. It's true - network security has a bigger place in everyday business operations and success than you may think. It's time to invest in what matters.

Network Security Priorities

Prioritizing network security can also be a big way to save money and increase office productivity. If you have a network data breach, the costs to not only restore data but also improve public relations, customer trust, and your entire network to prevent another issue can be immense. That's why being proactive for security is always your best option.

Go Green(er) with Office Equipment Sustainability Features

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If your office is working toward greater sustainability measures - which also means improved costs on supplies and hard materials - you are going in the right direction. Not only is it easier than ever to go green, it's beneficial for the environment, boosts employee morale, and budget friendly.

How can your equpment help you save money? In more ways than you might think! If you're just considering making some upgrades that can have major benefits for your company, you have some great options. Read on for opportunites.

Sustainable Features in Copiers and Printers

Copiers and printers have come a long way from the days of ink-heavy printing and long, laborious processes to produce a page.

Here are a few improvements we've seen:

4 Ways to Reduce Internal Security Threats


When you think of a security threat, you might think of some hackers in a dark room a million miles away, or some algorithm operating on a large computational system.

But the reality is, a security threat can be anyone and come from anywhere.

Security threats can be digital, human, electronic, automated, personal, internal or external. It's frightening but true - and the best way to be protected is to be aware, and implement the most advanced procedures for security and backup.

Examples of Internal Security Solutions

Don't believe that some of the most major security threats can come from inside your organization? Think again. Of course, ideally there wouldn't be the issue of an internal security breach but the reality is that things happen, like disgruntled employees, placements to steal data, copyright infringement, and regular theft.


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