5 Important Reminders for HIPAA Compliance


Did you know that HIPAA security regulations also include how your employees use your copiers and printers? Here are some critical reminders to help you address the issue.

1. Don't forget to include them.

Perhaps the number one reason for a print-related security failure is overlooking the importance of including networked copiers and printers in compliance strategies. Any networked equipment that is used to manage patient information is a potential weak link, so be sure not to ignore them when planning out your compliance strategy.

2. Make access easy for users, but not hackers.

Enable user authentications on all technologies included in your network. Hackers recognize that high-value information can be accessed through unprotected equipment, and that includes your copiers and printers.

Will Your Business Survive the Next Catastrophic Event?

data security

Are your data security and backup plans good enough for the serious threats facing businesses today? Here's how you can avoid becoming one of the 60% of companies who go out of business following data loss.

1. Know for certain that you can recover your data.

If an unforeseen event impacted your business, would you lose more than your company's physical possessions—would you also lose your information?

If you have any uncertainties surrounding data security and the associated backup solutions, now is the time to act. Businesses face data loss every day in the form of human error, cybercrime, and disasters like fire and flood. The time to prepare is before these events have a chance to cause catastrophic damage.

3 Print Management Benefits You Can Count On

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Is it true that your company could see measurable benefits by outsourcing your print management strategy to a Managed Print Services provider? For most businesses, the benefits are substantial and begin with lower costs and organization-wide efficiencies.

What can your business expect from professional print management?

Increased Workplace Efficiency

Print management may not seem like it could have a direct impact on efficiency, but it's critical to your workflows. For example, in print environments where management and oversight are lacking, staff members routinely face equipment breakdowns, supply shortages, and a lack of feature combinations to adequately do their jobs. Managed print companies provide the professional management required to keep infrastructures optimized, with the right tools always available and in the right place for mission-critical tasks.

Network Security Steps to Take Now

network security

Businesses and consumers alike paid a considerable price for overlooking information security in 2017. With losses totaling more than $170 billion, it's time to take network security seriously.

The Why Behind the Alarming Rise in Security Breaches

Overconfidence and complacency are still the top reason why cybercrime continues to have a firm grip on consumers and organizations. Some basic solutions are relatively simple to implement, and perhaps it's this very simplicity that breeds complacency. Whatever the cause, cybercriminals still gain entry into networks via preventable vulnerabilities. Some of the most common include:

3 Great Reasons to Rent Your Company's Copiers and Printers

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If acquiring new copiers and printers is on your to-do list this year, then you have a few decisions to make. Aside from the obvious task of choosing the right features for your workgroup's specific requirements, you'll need to decide whether to purchase, lease, or rent your company's copiers and printers.

When Renting is the Right Choice

Since most people are familiar with the benefits of purchasing or leasing their company's copiers and printers, let's take a quick look at when renting is a viable third option.

Data Security and Backup Strategies to Disaster Proof Your Business

data backup

Disaster-proofing your company involves more than purchasing insurance and installing a building security system. Your company's tangible assets are vitally important, but there's a lot more to your company than that. In fact, some organizations have learned the hard way that their strategies didn't go nearly far enough to protect them from disaster. Here's how to make sure your company is ready for anything.

Preparing for Disaster

Most of us take steps to protect our business from disasters like fire, flood, and devastating storms. When events like these impact businesses, it's often not the destroyed buildings and furnishings that determine an ability to continue operations, but a loss of information. The truth is, a data security and backup plan could be the only thing standing between your business and survival. Here's what you need to know.

Have You Heard About the Benefits of Print Management?


It's not every day that opportunities come along to reduce the cost of running a business. It's even rarer when those opportunities also improve productivity and enhance security. Print management accomplishes each of these goals, and even more.

Have You Heard?

You may have heard some discussion about print management services, but until you understand the benefits, you may wonder if it's worth the investment. Here's some insight.

Improve Productivity with Network Security and Cloud Solutions

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If you're concerned about network security (and everyone is these days), you may have wondered if switching to the cloud is the best course of action. Here's a look at the benefits, including a look at network and data security.


Storing your documents in the cloud gives your employees a better, faster way to store and organize information. Keyword search functions give users instant access to documents using any device. Document sharing is easy, and version controls ensure that the information accessed is current—an invaluable for employee collaboration efforts.

Change the Way You Work with a Multifunction Copier

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Multifunction copiers combine the functionality of copiers and printers into one space-saving device. Most also include a scanning and fax feature plus a variety of document management and process automation capabilities. Still wondering whether your company should invest in multifunction copiers? Consider these benefits.

1. Lower your costs.

Your initial investment in a multifunction system may be more than single-function copiers and printers, but the savings are there. For example, by investing in a multifunction device, you won't need to purchase separate scanners and fax machines or copiers and printers. You'll also have lower costs for maintenance, power usage, software updates, and consumables.

Is Your Data Security and Backup Plan Up to Date?

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Does your company have a data security and backup solution in place? With cyberattacks coming faster than the media can report them, it's critical to move now to protect your confidential information and your business. Make an appointment to consult with your IT provider for a data security and backup plan that's customized for your company. In the meantime, here are some simple steps you can take to mitigate your risks.


Updates seem to come one after the other, but they're not just to annoy you or give you access to the latest features. With hackers continually developing new ways to bypass security safeguards, updates are often designed to thwart the latest threats. Ignoring them puts your entire company at risk.


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