Why Your Small Business Needs Big Network Security Solutions

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Cybercriminals know that smaller companies often aren't as protected as big conglomerates, so they target their networks in the hopes of gaining access to customer information, financial accounts, and anything else they can sell on the dark web. For some hackers, the results are so lucrative that they specialize in coming after SMBs and small nonprofit service organizations. Nice, huh?

Network Security Solutions

Cyber attacks may be getting more sophisticated, but so are the network security solutions your company can access to prevent them. And just because you're small, don't assume you can't afford access to big solutions. Here are two critical steps you can take to improve network security for your company, and why you'll want to prioritize them as soon as possible.

One Incredibly Easy Step to Improved Productivity


If it's been a few years since you've had a look at the latest advances in copiers and printers, then prepare to be impressed. Multifunction copiers and printers can help you ramp up your printing and copying game, but that's just the beginning. The latest document management technologies found on advanced copiers and printers can take your business processes from barely moving to lightning fast in no time.

Does Your Business Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

disaster plan

There's no doubt about it; it's a terrible day indeed when a natural disaster destroys a company's offices, factories, and product inventories. Recovering from that kind of worst-case-scenario takes a heroic effort, and it doesn't happen overnight. Imagine if, on top of the loss of physical assets, the same company lost all of its vital information. How would they contact each other? Could they reproduce lost product specifications? Could they contact business partners and clients to resume business operations?

What's Your Plan?

In recent years, thousands of businesses have lost everything they owned. Few of them expected disaster to strike, but those with a shot at recovering were those who had planned for the worst possible situation by prioritizing data security and backup.

Here's how to begin planning for your company's recovery and success following a disaster.

3 Reasons to Outsource Network Security

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The trend toward outsourcing network security and other services to an IT consulting company is growing. The reasons for switching from in-house IT management to a professional provider may vary, but for most companies, the top three include lower costs, 24/7 support, and robust network security. Here's a closer look.

1. Lower Costs

Hiring internal staff is widely acknowledged as an expensive option, no matter what department you're staffing. By adding an in-house IT and network security department, you'll need to offer a competitive salary, plus benefits and expected offerings like 401k plans and other perks. And since technology is never stagnant, you'll need to pay for continuous training to keep your team up to date. An in-house solution also means a substantial investment in infrastructure, including regular equipment updates.

Print-Related Security Breaches are a Problem

copiers and printers

Did you know that your networked copiers and printers could be your company's worst security vulnerability? Of the millions upon millions of copiers and printers used by organizations and individuals worldwide, experts estimate that fewer than 2% could fend off a cyber attack. Adequately securing your networked devices requires a comprehensive strategy that includes your print environment, not just your computers and mobile devices. Here are three ways to begin.

Could Your Business Survive a Ransomware Attack?

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Did you know your chances of surviving a ransomware attack are 96% IF you have a data security and backup plan in place? Those are pretty great odds, and putting yourself in with the 4% of businesses who don't survive doesn't make sense. The truth is, a proactive approach with a data security and backup plan is much less expensive than a becoming a victim of cybercrime.

Why Take the Risk?

Betting against the odds rarely works out in your favor, and in the case of data loss, the odds are stacked against any business without a plan. Downtime can cost your company as much as $9,000 an hour—a price that's massively expensive and much higher than paying professional data security company to keep bad actors from stealing your data and holding it hostage.

The Impressive Print Management Solutions on Your Multifunction Copier

Print Management Solutions on Your Multifunction Copier

Efficient print management strategies can help you lower your printing costs and take better care of your equipment, but are you missing out on some other benefits? Print management providers can help companies utilize their printing equipment to improve business processes and adopt paperless initiatives. As an example, let's take a look at the powerful capabilities of your multifunction copier—a star player in your print infrastructure.

Is It Time for a Professional Network Security Partnership?

network security

Are you running your business and juggling network management and security at the same time? If the challenges are keeping you from giving your full attention to daily business operations, it may be time to let someone else protect your network. Here's why.

1. Network Reliability

In today's global economy, you can't risk an on-again, off-again solution for your network. Reliability is crucial, especially if you or your staff work remotely. If you're worried about lapses in network security or system availability, you can't concentrate on growing your business. Knowing that your firewall is protecting your business from threats like viruses and hackers provides peace of mind and always-on network reliability for your organization.


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