Who Should Care About Network Security?

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Network security – how much have you heard about this topic in recent years? If you are like most company managers and executives, you've heard a ton.

That's because everyone has to consider network security today. All industries – from legal to healthcare to retail to manufacturing – need to back up their work and their customer protections with reliable network security.

Network security isn't optional anymore since all companies work with customer data. A breach of data and information can be costly or even put your company out of business - despite its size. Reputation repair is extensive, and the challenges are endless. It's a problem that you are best positioned to stay ahead of. With diligent action, you can avoid a costly breach.

Top Questions about Leasing Copiers and Printers


Investing in a business is a big task. You have to set up everything, so by the time you get to copiers and printers, you might be wondering: do I have to buy this?

To answer this – not necessarily. Leasing is a good option that works for many businesses. But before you decide, you’ll need to evaluate the pros and cons to ensure it’s right for you.

Our advice: ask the right questions in your research to decide what’s right for you.

To buy or lease?

First, we’ll review the pros and cons.


  • Pros – No ongoing costs, your investment is complete. You’ll have the machine long term, and you may save money over time, with no contracts or agreements.
  • Cons – It can be harder to grow or update your machine, features may become outdated, service may be more difficult.


3 Key Aspects of Data Security and Backup


Data security matters to your business more than even your best outcomes or products. We all know that it takes one quick digital security breach to bring down even the largest, most well-known companies. Your digital security is a critical piece of business development.

Ensuring that your company is covered from start to finish in the digital and data world is essential. We’ve lined out three key aspects of data security and backup to help you do a quick checkup and make sure your business is on point.

Protect Your Business Data

Protecting your data takes a few steps – first, you want to ensure your technology and processes are correct. Then, you want to address protections, passwords, and vulnerabilities. Lastly, you’ll have to work diligently to stay ahead of new threats, updates, and hacks.

How to Set Up a Reliable Print Management System

print management

Anyone’s office can quickly become overwhelmed with documents, papers, files, and machines. Are they being used efficiently? Is this being a good steward of company resources?

These questions may be hard to answer at first because it’s a challenge to look at every corner of your business and ensure that things are being taken care of. Things may slip, a process dissolves, someone leaves, and there is a lack of oversight.

These issues occur, definitely, but the secret of businesses that keep costs on track is that they address the problems quickly.

One aspect of business that has this issue often is the print environment. Over time, it can devolve into a solution that doesn’t feel like it can be fixed. That’s where print management comes in.

5 Unexpected Network Security Risks

network security

Network security shouldn't be a constant stressor in your office. However, you want to ensure that you've covered all the risks.

It matters a lot – even small and medium-sized businesses are targeted by cyberattacks, making network security a high priority. Out of all attacks in 2017, over 60% were focused on small and medium businesses.

It would be nice to be immune from this threat, but the reality is that budgets and changing technology make smaller businesses even more vulnerable. When it's costly to keep up, security sometimes fails. Don't let your business be hit with a significant attack – review all vulnerabilities to stay on top of them.

Network Security and Your Business

How does network security apply to you? If you use a computer – ever, for anything – it applies. It applies to business information, customer data, employee info, and all data stored across machines from your computer to the network to copiers or printers.

Security Focus: Hard Drives on Copiers and Printers 

hard drive

Let’s bring it in for a minute here – you focus on office security across the board. You’ve implemented passwords, policies, and strategies. It’s covered, right?

Hopefully, but maybe not. One of the most overlooked aspects of office security is the hard drive on your copier or printer. Copiers and printers retain all the data and information that we send to the machine on the hard drive.

If someone hacked the hard drive, stole it, or accessed it, they could reach all the confidential business information that has ever been printed. We don’t mean to scare you, but this is a serious threat that should be addressed.

Office Equipment Security Counts Too

Equipment security is often neglected to focus on network security because we forget that machines are also connected to the same networks. It’s just not in the forefront of your mind, and that’s okay, but if this is surprising to you, don’t wait to make changes.

3 Ways to Understand the Cloud

cloud data

Everyone is talking about mobile solutions and cloud backup. While there might be people reading this, thinking about it, or even using the cloud that are wondering - what exactly is "The Cloud?"

It's not an embarrassing question - the cloud is one of those entities that people often discuss without fully understanding. That's why it's good to back up a bit and review. How does it work?

What is the Cloud?

Definitions can undoubtedly vary, but essentially, the cloud is a system or global network of servers which all have various functions. There is no physical location or 'cloud,' which can be confusing!

This network is vast and can operate as a single "ecosystem" to either store or manage data, deliver content or services, and operate applications, and more.

Fix Print Security and Cost Control For Good


Everyone has confidential print issues and needs to focus on security and protected printing. Every business, and maybe even everyone in your office. How do we ensure print security without burdening employees with hoops to jump through?

Printing should be something that people trust in the confidentiality of. Think about all the industries that require identity and information protection: banking, healthcare, law, accounting, business, construction, development, government, and more. This means that creating a print environment you and your clients' trust is critical.

Print Security Issues

Issues with printing start when people print to public space without any password protection or other confidential procedure.

Other problems exist in the information retained by the printer's hard drive, which needs to be purged regularly - hopefully to a safe cloud backup.

Understanding Network Security

network security

Data and network security are standard terms today, and we hear about them all the time. Unfortunately, we often hear about these issues in regards to a breach or a hack, which is exactly what you want to protect yourself against.

How to Get Ahead of Data Breaches

Data breaches can be devastating, both operationally and fiscally for your business. Some businesses never recover from a data breach because it impacts employees, customers, and the company's reputation and finances. 

Hacks and breaches can be devastating, so taking precautions and investing in security are critical ways to get ahead of any issues.

Tips to protect your company from the worst online incidents:

Best Benefits of Mobile Printing

mobile printing solutions

Tech advancements offer companies more opportunities to improve business operations that we could have imagined 30 years ago. One of the most notable improvements is going mobile – in communications, operations, business, and even print and other formerly location-specific efforts. 

We’ll talk about the mobile revolution for a moment. Usually, we think of our phones and what we can do with apps, sharing, etc. However, there are more possibilities from your mobile device to support your workplace, like mobile printing. 

Getting Ahead with Mobile

Mobile printing is a lead way to invest in solutions, connect to the future, and engage employees in the workplace because you’re working the way that they work. 


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