The Impressive Print Management Solutions on Your Multifunction Copier

Print Management Solutions on Your Multifunction Copier

Efficient print management strategies can help you lower your printing costs and take better care of your equipment, but are you missing out on some other benefits? Print management providers can help companies utilize their printing equipment to improve business processes and adopt paperless initiatives. As an example, let's take a look at the powerful capabilities of your multifunction copier—a star player in your print infrastructure.

Is It Time for a Professional Network Security Partnership?

network security

Are you running your business and juggling network management and security at the same time? If the challenges are keeping you from giving your full attention to daily business operations, it may be time to let someone else protect your network. Here's why.

1. Network Reliability

In today's global economy, you can't risk an on-again, off-again solution for your network. Reliability is crucial, especially if you or your staff work remotely. If you're worried about lapses in network security or system availability, you can't concentrate on growing your business. Knowing that your firewall is protecting your business from threats like viruses and hackers provides peace of mind and always-on network reliability for your organization.

If (When) Disaster Strikes Your Business, Will You Be Prepared?

be prepared

Everyone loves to spend time with optimists, especially when things are looking less than hopeful. When it comes to data security and backup, however, your business requires a healthy dose of realism.

Weighing the Risks

We feel empathy when a disaster strikes someone else, but there's no denying the sense of relief when a tornado misses our house, or a flash flood takes a jog to the left, sparing our downtown business office. It's not always a news-making natural disaster that causes business downtime, either, and human error is still the leading cause of data loss. Put in that light, the chances of your business feeling the impact of a disaster are very high indeed. Even so, only 20% of companies have a disaster recovery solution in place.

Make Your Office a Better Place to Work With Managed Print

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Teaming up with a print management provider is a step toward savings as high as 30% or even more, but there's more to the service than reducing costs. Some of the unlooked-for benefits include improved productivity and a greener office environment. Here's how these surprising benefits could help your organization become a better place to work.

More Time in the Workday

Unregulated print infrastructures can be the underlying cause of unnecessary frustrations for your staff. Because someone must manage printer fleets, the task often either falls through the cracks or, in typical crisis-management fashion, gets pushed off on someone without the time or training to adequately deal with the problem.

5 Network Security Threats Businesses Are Facing Now

network security

For today's companies, perhaps nothing is more critical than a robust network security strategy. A cybercrime attack can ruin your company's financial standing as well as your reputation. Small businesses are profitable targets for hackers, letting your guard down for even a moment could have catastrophic consequences.

What We're Facing Now

If you're not up to speed on the latest threats, you're not alone. The typical cybercriminal's methods for gaining access to your network changes as quickly as the solutions for keeping them out. Here's what businesses are facing now.

5 Important Reminders for HIPAA Compliance


Did you know that HIPAA security regulations also include how your employees use your copiers and printers? Here are some critical reminders to help you address the issue.

1. Don't forget to include them.

Perhaps the number one reason for a print-related security failure is overlooking the importance of including networked copiers and printers in compliance strategies. Any networked equipment that is used to manage patient information is a potential weak link, so be sure not to ignore them when planning out your compliance strategy.

2. Make access easy for users, but not hackers.

Enable user authentications on all technologies included in your network. Hackers recognize that high-value information can be accessed through unprotected equipment, and that includes your copiers and printers.

Will Your Business Survive the Next Catastrophic Event?

data security

Are your data security and backup plans good enough for the serious threats facing businesses today? Here's how you can avoid becoming one of the 60% of companies who go out of business following data loss.

1. Know for certain that you can recover your data.

If an unforeseen event impacted your business, would you lose more than your company's physical possessions—would you also lose your information?

If you have any uncertainties surrounding data security and the associated backup solutions, now is the time to act. Businesses face data loss every day in the form of human error, cybercrime, and disasters like fire and flood. The time to prepare is before these events have a chance to cause catastrophic damage.

3 Print Management Benefits You Can Count On

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Is it true that your company could see measurable benefits by outsourcing your print management strategy to a Managed Print Services provider? For most businesses, the benefits are substantial and begin with lower costs and organization-wide efficiencies.

What can your business expect from professional print management?

Increased Workplace Efficiency

Print management may not seem like it could have a direct impact on efficiency, but it's critical to your workflows. For example, in print environments where management and oversight are lacking, staff members routinely face equipment breakdowns, supply shortages, and a lack of feature combinations to adequately do their jobs. Managed print companies provide the professional management required to keep infrastructures optimized, with the right tools always available and in the right place for mission-critical tasks.

Network Security Steps to Take Now

network security

Businesses and consumers alike paid a considerable price for overlooking information security in 2017. With losses totaling more than $170 billion, it's time to take network security seriously.

The Why Behind the Alarming Rise in Security Breaches

Overconfidence and complacency are still the top reason why cybercrime continues to have a firm grip on consumers and organizations. Some basic solutions are relatively simple to implement, and perhaps it's this very simplicity that breeds complacency. Whatever the cause, cybercriminals still gain entry into networks via preventable vulnerabilities. Some of the most common include:


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