Choosing the Best Copiers and Printers for Your Business

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Choosing the right copiers and printers for your business is a process that's much more involved than it used to be. The new technologies that have hit the market in recent years can give you access to some impressive printing and workflow capabilities.

By working with a managed print provider, you can eliminate many of the uncertainties that go along with upgrading your copiers and printers. The decision isn't one to be taken lightly and choosing the wrong equipment could have a negative impact on your business processes and your budget.

First Things First

To get off on the right foot, consider your business requirements before looking at the available copiers and printers.

How Evolving Threats Affect Your Data Security and Backup Strategy

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Not so long ago, securing your company's data was mostly about preventing mistakes and mitigating the risk of equipment breakdowns. Employees were reminded to perform data backup procedures at the close of each day, and saving files frequently helped to avoid accidental data loss.

Things look much different in today's office environment, and while mistakes still play a role, the likely culprit is a sophisticated phishing attempt by a skilled hacker. And instead of losing a few files, companies stand to lose every document in their system.

Plan for the Worst

As threats continue to evolve, your business needs a data security and backup plan that can meet them head-on. Here's how to make sure you're prepared.

Surprising Convenience and Savings Through Print Management

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Are you aware of the potential benefits of professional print management for your organization? It's not uncommon for business leaders to express surprise at the savings and convenience offered by print management professionals.

If your company is still on the fence about managed print, then perhaps these benefits will help move the process forward.

Print Management Basics

Here's a look at some of the core benefits of a rules-based print management solution.

Who's Accessing Your Network?

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In today's digital business environment, a secure network with minimal downtime is essential to your company's survival. And staying ahead of issues is the best way to keep your network safe and operational. By outsourcing to a professional network security provider, you can avoid the severe problems that could have a disastrous impact on your ability to conduct business.

Keeping Them Out

Network outages—no matter the causes—often occur after warning signs that something isn't quite right. With IT professionals providing round-the-clock network monitoring, you'll have a much better chance of avoiding an outage.

Why Lease Your Company's Copiers and Printers?

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There are some significant advantages to leasing your company's copiers and printers. Depending on your requirements, you may need just one or an entire fleet of copiers and printers. Small teams and large workforces alike need access to equipment with the latest features to stay on top of workflows. Here's how leasing can help you get there.

Access to the Latest Technologies

It's easy to underestimate the importance of your company's multifunction copiers and laser printers. We sometimes think of these devices as little more than a way to print and duplicate documents, but given that we use them to handle sensitive information, it's important to get the right equipment.

Is Your Business Prepared for a Worst-Case Scenario?

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Are your data security and backup solutions up to the task of protecting your organization in a worst-case scenario?

Here's a look at the many situations that could cause catastrophic data loss.

What Could Happen?

You may not be expecting a catastrophic natural disaster, but disasters by their very definition rarely announce their arrival with enough time to be fully prepared. It's also true that most of the hazards that could impact your business have nothing to do with the weather.

The human factor — You're only human, and so are your employees. Anyone can spill a cup of coffee into equipment, overwrite critical data or fall prey to a phishing scam.

Gain New Insight With a Managed Print Assessment


Is your organization spending too much on print management? Do you have a way to find out? Here's how a managed print assessment can provide needed insight.

Why Schedule an Assessment?

In an unmanaged print environment, employees must deal with a host of productivity bottlenecks. Poorly designed print-related workflows, equipment that's unsuitable for the designated task, and unregulated printing can all work against your goals. A managed print assessment pinpoints problems in the print environment and implements changes to address each one. Some of these may include:

5 Steps to Choosing a Network Security Provider

Network Security

Choosing an IT consultant means starting start with must-have service offerings and moving on from there. Here are five suggestions for getting your choice right the first time.

1. A Comprehensive Selection of Services

A comprehensive management strategy for your network should include the latest solutions in a wide variety of service offerings. Look a company that can provide infrastructure along with network security, helpdesk access, data backup and recovery, cloud services and other support. With one company responsible for managing your technology requirements, you can expect fewer mistakes and a higher level of accountability.

Unlock the Benefits of Secure Mobile Printing

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Do your BYOD and mobile employees have secure access to your copiers and printers? The use of mobile devices for work purposes is on track to surpass the need for desktop computer workstations, and companies who give their employees the right tools stand a better chance of reaping the benefits.

Here are three reasons why you'll want to leverage the advantages of mobile printing in your company's favor.


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