4 Ways to Reduce Internal Security Threats


When you think of a security threat, you might think of some hackers in a dark room a million miles away, or some algorithm operating on a large computational system.

But the reality is, a security threat can be anyone and come from anywhere.

Security threats can be digital, human, electronic, automated, personal, internal or external. It's frightening but true - and the best way to be protected is to be aware, and implement the most advanced procedures for security and backup.

Examples of Internal Security Solutions

Don't believe that some of the most major security threats can come from inside your organization? Think again. Of course, ideally there wouldn't be the issue of an internal security breach but the reality is that things happen, like disgruntled employees, placements to steal data, copyright infringement, and regular theft.

Why Print Management is More Than a Printer

printer in use

Print management is a simple service that can save your company money. But many managers and owners aren't even aware of the service. If you're in the dark, here's what you need to know.

Print management is not just a printer, and it's not just overseeing supply orders. Print management is comprehensive oversight of print operations, functions, and budget so that your print environment isn't just a money pit - it's a well run, budgeted office operation that only costs as much as it needs to.

Print Management Basics

Basically, print management involves a team of experts that performs a print audit to evaluate your print environment and get an understanding of what you need to print, what you don't need to print, and where the opportunities for savings and efficiencies could be best implemented.

Implement Optimal Network Security Today

network security

Your network is one of the most valuable aspects of your business. Why? You might wonder - it's not a money maker.

This is true, but issues with your network can cost you clients, trust, and often critical business data. Security breaches can be more devastating than other business issues, which is what makes network security the most critical aspect of back end business operations.

The Basics of Network Security

Network security is most efficiently managed when overseen by a team of outsourced IT professionals. While businesses of all sizes have in-house IT teams, often these employees are overwhelmed by troubleshooting and help desk requests and aren't able to invest enough time into proactive security solutions to really stay ahead of major threats. That's where your outsourced team can work seamlessly with your in-house crew to create comprehensive IT solutions.

Security 101 for Copiers and Printers

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In your office security policy, did you adequately plan for all devices connected to your network? It's surprising to learn for some businesses that copiers and printers also need special security protections.

Data is also transferred through copiers and printers and can be intercepted by a variety of hacks and threats. In protecting your business and client data from external threats, it's critical to also invest in security measures for all devices.

Does your MFP store information?

This is an essential question to ask your device provider, and to work with your security team to address.

Below are a few of the most effective ways to confirm that your devices are managing information in a safe way, and ensuring ultimate security protections. If you have questions about how to implement any of these solutions, talk to the pros at El Dorado Printing.

Cloud Storage Features to Invest In

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Cloud storage can be the saving grace for a lot of businesses. From data security - protection, encryption, passwords, and other features - to backup solutions in case there is a problem, cloud storage is a must have for many businesses.

Data Security and Backup

Data security and backup are the top priority features to invest in when you contact IT pros for outsourcing your network management.

In addition to ensuring that your company keeps customer and personnel data protected, there are other benefits to cloud storage that you should be aware of to understand the full investment in your company.

5 Ways Print Management Saves Your Budget


Your print environment might be more out of control than you think. Do you let exorbitant costs go every few months because it doesn't make sense? Is it easy to ignore complaints of laborious print tasks because there doesn't seem to be another solution?

There is another solution, which has benefited organizations of all sizes nationwide. It's print management, which is outsourcing print oversight and implementing processes and rules to streamline your print environment.

Print Management -Budget Benefits

The budget benefits of print management are pretty major. From saving costs on supplies to employee productivity; excessive printing to maintenance issues, print management is the answer to most issues.

Here are the five ways that print management fixes your print budget problems.

5 Suggestions for Improving Productivity in 2019


Are you keeping your resolution to improve your business operations for the new year and beyond? For many companies, paying some extra attention to their business technology systems is a great place to start.

Five Ways to Improve

If you're still looking for ways to save money and create new efficiencies in 2019, here are five suggestions that could be just what you need to get started.

Choosing the Best Copiers and Printers for Your Business

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Choosing the right copiers and printers for your business is a process that's much more involved than it used to be. The new technologies that have hit the market in recent years can give you access to some impressive printing and workflow capabilities.

By working with a managed print provider, you can eliminate many of the uncertainties that go along with upgrading your copiers and printers. The decision isn't one to be taken lightly and choosing the wrong equipment could have a negative impact on your business processes and your budget.

First Things First

To get off on the right foot, consider your business requirements before looking at the available copiers and printers.

How Evolving Threats Affect Your Data Security and Backup Strategy

data security

Not so long ago, securing your company's data was mostly about preventing mistakes and mitigating the risk of equipment breakdowns. Employees were reminded to perform data backup procedures at the close of each day, and saving files frequently helped to avoid accidental data loss.

Things look much different in today's office environment, and while mistakes still play a role, the likely culprit is a sophisticated phishing attempt by a skilled hacker. And instead of losing a few files, companies stand to lose every document in their system.

Plan for the Worst

As threats continue to evolve, your business needs a data security and backup plan that can meet them head-on. Here's how to make sure you're prepared.

Surprising Convenience and Savings Through Print Management

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Are you aware of the potential benefits of professional print management for your organization? It's not uncommon for business leaders to express surprise at the savings and convenience offered by print management professionals.

If your company is still on the fence about managed print, then perhaps these benefits will help move the process forward.

Print Management Basics

Here's a look at some of the core benefits of a rules-based print management solution.


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