Simple Steps for Securing Your Copiers and Printers

copiers and printers

Did you know your copiers and printers are networked devices that require the same security precautions as your computers and mobile devices? Take these steps to secure your imaging equipment and protect your confidential documents.

1. Implement a rules-based printing solution.

A rules-based printing solution will help your company reduce nonessential printing—significant savings when your employees aren't accustomed to thinking before selecting the PRINT option. Rules-based printing also delivers another benefit that you may not have considered and it centers around print security. Here's what we mean:

Do You Have Full Confidence in Your Data Security and Backup Solutions?

data security and backup

Are you confident your data security and backup plan provides enough protection? Hackers and cybercriminals never rest, which means you can't either. Here are some tips to help you begin shoring up your security defenses across your organization.

Never assume you're safe.

Your business may be small, but that in itself is a compelling reason to seek out robust protections. Hackers often look at SMBs as low-hanging fruit without the latest data security solutions in place. Always assume that vulnerabilities exist (or will soon), and use every resource available to you to protect your confidential information.

Provide ongoing training and support.

Your employees may not know how to recognize a security threat, so you'll need to make regular training and continual reminders one of your highest priorities. Show your employees how to

Print Management Benefits and Best Practices

print management

How does your company address day-to-day print management? Are you struggling to keep costs in line and stay ahead of advances in print technology? If you haven't considered transferring print management to a services provider, here's a look at a few of the most compelling advantages.

Print Management Benefits

Running your business doesn't leave much time to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to print technology. Print management experts can help you use the latest technologies and best practices to map out solutions to reduce costs and get more from your existing fleet.

Meet Threats Head-on with a Network Security Provider

network security

Are you still wondering how to ward off the constant network security threats facing your organization? Serious breaches on the rise and with no end in sight, your company needs robust solutions to address your network vulnerabilities. Here's why you should consider a network security partnership to shore up your defenses now.

Free Up Your Internal Staff

A network security provider can take over the time-consuming but essential chores required to monitor and secure your network. Your IT team more time to focus on core projects with the added benefit of shared expertise and the latest knowledge.

Control Your Costs with Rules-Based Printing

copiers and printers

Does your organization have a way to curb excessive or nonessential printing? Free access to your copiers and printers may give your employees the impression that they can print without restraint. While some printing falls into the mission-critical category, many organizations discover that their rising printing costs are primarily due to the lack of an official print policy.

Answer These Questions

Here's how to find out where your print expenses stand, and what you can do to bring them back in line.

Is Your Data Security and Backup Plan Enough?

data security and backups

Today's businesses are faced with security challenges that were incomprehensible even just a few years ago. Fortunately, your company can take steps to identify and prepare for these new threats, starting today.

Maintain Visibility

A proactive approach to data security includes robust monitoring tools that increase visibility into your document processes.

How Print Management Brings Order Out of Chaos

print management

Your printing requirements are unique to your business. Rules-based printing and print management brings order out of chaotic print environments for benefits like increased visibility, lower costs, improved productivity and a more secure print environment.

Increased Visibility

Many businesses work with a variety of manufacturers and vendors, and this complexity is often what makes print management so complicated. Departments and individuals may have free reign to make print management decisions, purchasing supplies and adding new equipment to the fleet for under-the-radar spending that is nearly impossible to track. Professional print management partnerships exist to bring order to the most complex print environments.

24/7 Network Security for Your Small Business

network security

If the last few years have taught us anything, it's that every business must take network security seriously. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable, as hackers now consider them easy targets who may lack sophisticated network security solutions required to protect their confidential information.

Here's why network security is so vitally important to your company's future, and how you can have the assurance you need to protect your investment.

Find Out Where You Stand

Why wait for an intruder to discover your network security vulnerabilities? An assessment of your current situation from a network security provider will reveal weaknesses and provide a path forward to shore up your defenses.

Deploy the Latest Protections

A customized network security strategy will follow your initial assessment period. The advantages are substantial:

Is it Better to Lease or Purchase Your Copiers and Printers?

copiers and printers

Does your company have a plan for upgrading your copiers and printers? If you're not sure whether to lease or buy (or even if you should upgrade at all), here's a quick overview of the benefits of both options.

Purchasing Benefits

Some companies opt to purchase their copiers and printers. With plenty of available working capital, they're not concerned about tying up critical funds for equipment purchases. Some of the advantages include:

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